Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 25th - February Fun

Remember those holidays back at Christmas? Yeah, neither do I. Well, since we're all back in the swing of things, then there's no excuse not to get over to your friendly, neighbourhood user group, right?

To entice you along, not only will we have food and drink, but also a few topics that might just pique your interest.

Event Sourcing: What, Why and How! - Mohammed Abed  (@moh_abed)

Just as the title says. What it is, why you'd use it, how it helps and how to actually put it into action in a way that doesn't just add overhead and feel like architecture for the sake of it :-)

Building a Web Site with Visual Studio Online - Richard Banks (@rbanks54)

We're going to do a run through of how you can use Visual Studio Online (VSO) to build a website without needing anything more than a browser (I hope!) as well as talking about why you'd use this and what this might mean for how Microsoft is engaging developers.

Book yourself a ticket so we know you're coming and we'll see you on the night!

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