Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 25: Node.js, Dashboards & Builds

Exciting stuff this month with a super pluggable dashboard with extra Node.JS goodness, plus a comparison of different build systems.

Taming the Node.js wilderness - building an open source dashboard framework

Romain Prieto & Andrew Jones

When we start a new project, we usually want a dashboard so the whole team can see our key metrics at all times. We want something that is easy to configure, supports multiple (and arbitrary) external systems, and is cheap (or free!). This product doesn't exist, so we set out to make an open source dashboard using Node.js.

None of us knew much about Node.js before we started this project, so in this session we'll take you through our journey through the Node.js wilderness, and what we've learned so far. We'll also take you on a tour of the current state of our dashboard project and the tech stack we've chosen (including Express.js and CoffeeScript).

Builds - TFS Build vs TeamCity

It's obvious that TFS Build is still behind but the real question is how big the gap is. 

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