Friday, February 11, 2011

February Meeting - Engineering at Google

This month, we are lucky enough to have @dhanji from Google talking about the development practices there.

In his own words:


The engineering discipline at Google can best be described as the Cowboy Methodology. This is a narration of my experience fighting that tide--trying something new, applying agile methods to a start-up like project inside an Internet giant of some 23k people. Can Agile ever really work outside the enterprise where requirements (though changing) are reasonably well-understood? In a consumer-facing start-up all bets are off--your very reason for existence changes day to day.

In this environment can we succeed? Have we already failed horribly and don't know it? Come hear our strange story and share your impressions.

And a bit about Dhanji:


Dhanji R. Prasanna, Software Engineer at Google

I have worked on Agile projects for several years (at ThoughtWorks and elsewhere) before joining Google as an engineer on Google Wave, working on the Search+indexing pipeline and then on performance and APIs. I have created and contribute to several open source projects including Guice, Sitebricks, MVEL, Maven, and others. My code runs in nearly every Java server at Google and I regularly consult on performance and design questions for various teams.

I am the author of "Dependency Injection" by Manning Publications, and a regular speaker on the Java software engineering circuit.

Please RSVP with the poll on the right, and see you there!