Sunday, May 29, 2016


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Monday, April 11, 2016

DDD Sydney is Back!

We won't have a chance to tell you in person before the next meeting, so we'll do it this way.

DDD Sydney is back after a multi-year break. DDD Sydney is a one-day, community run, developer conference and submissions are currently open.

Given we've got such a great bunch of people in our group and there's lots of knowledge we can share with others, we'd love you to submit a session.

Submissions close in a few weeks, so there's still time to put something in. All sessions will then be voted on by the community and the conference program drawn up from there.

Don't be shy - go submit a session today :-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 29 - C# GraphQL and Android Kotlin

Wow talks up already for March! Unbelievable :-)

Introduction to GraphQL for C# Developers - Gareth Stokes

This talk is aimed to give the audience a brief introduction into GraphQL, Specifically what problems it's trying to solve and a quick dive into how it came about. The talk will also go into detail about the experience we had at Karbon in implementing this using the current open source libraries available.

Gareth is the Technical Lead for the Sydney team at which is a startup building collaboration software for accountants based out of SF and here in Sydney. We use a DotNet stack for our backend, EmberJS on the frontend and lots of REST in between.

Android development for C# developers with Kotlin - Mitchell Tilbrook

Getting into Android development has typically meant using Java6 when writing fully native applications. So, what else is there for native Android, Kotlin. Kotlin is an modern statically typed language that looks and feel a bit like C# but instead of targeting the CLR Kotlin compiles to JRE 6 byte-code. Kotlin is perfect for any C# developer looking to get into android development while keeping lot of features where come to expect in C# like lambdas, extension functions, partial objects, properties, and more.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Feb 23: Akka.Net and Azure RM for Devs

Back to usual everyone, the meet up is on Tues. We have two talks.

Akka.Net - Philip Laureano

With the advent of multiple core CPUs becoming ever more commonplace and infrastructure becoming increasingly cheaper to spin up in the cloud, one of the greatest challenges that we face as .NET developers is managing concurrency across multiple machines. The tales of immutable and incredible message-passing systems such as Erlang scaling to millions of users at a time have become the stuff of legend--but is there something similar for .NET?

Indeed, there is such a system for the CLR, and it's called Akka.NET. In this talk, I'll show you how you can write small, single-threaded classes (called "actors") and have Akka.NET seamlessly scale up those actors across not only multiple CPU cores--I'll also show you how you can scale and run thousands of jobs in parallel across multiple loosely-coupled machines in a cloud environment, such as Amazon Web Services. If you've ever wanted to experience the power of Erlang, but never wanted to leave the convenience of the C# language, then this is one talk you don't want to miss!

Azure Resource Manager for Devs - Raphael Haddad

Infrastructure, servers and hosting have come a long way. The last few years have seen advent of cloud technology and how this can make a developer’s life a lot easier. Recently, many people say they ‘do cloud’? But, what does actually this mean?

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates is a new offering that allows developers to do cloud properly by deploying a large collection of connected resources all at one time! Come along to see a short demonstration on how ARM templates are used and the power of ‘Infrastructure as code’

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Friday, January 22, 2016

January 27th - HTTPS and VSCode

With Australia Day landing on the last Tuesday of the month, we've pushed the group back to the following night; Wednesday 27th.

We're also trying something a little different this month - we're going to try for our RSVPs instead of EventBrite and see how that works for us.

As for what we're doing this month, here's the details...

The Evolution of HTTPS - Jason Stangroome

If you do any sort of web development, you'll want to be here for this. As the web evolves so has the adoption and usage of the https:// URL scheme. This isn't your father's HTTPS anymore but there is a lot of misunderstanding and new behaviour hidden in that modest extra "S". Jason aims to unveil the mysteries of this rapidly spreading protocol.

Building a VSCode plugin - Aaron Powell 

The new VS kid on the block has had some pretty quick and rapid adoption, and best of all it's extensible. The question is, how do you write an plugin for it? Great question! And Aaron has not only the answer, but also a working example to walk through with us. Booyah!

And remember, if you're planning on coming, you'll need to head over to Go ahead, do so, and we'll see you on Wednesday! (not Tuesday)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Slides from Nov 24 Meet-up

It was the last meet-up for the year and we rounded it off with practical and useful talks by Ken and Joss. They've kindly shared their material, linked below:

Testing Practices for Continuous Delivery - slides  (@kenmccormack)

A Whirlwind Tour of SEO - slides and transcript  (@joshuapaling)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nov 24 - Continuous Delivery + SEO

So.. sorry for the late blog post, but I think you'll forgive us as we've managed to find 2 interesting and diverse topics for this month.

Testing Practices for Continuous Delivery - Ken McCormack (@kenmccormack)

Testing practices for Continuous Delivery pipelines - we discuss the start point of the Cohn Test Pyramid, and then discuss the additional types of automated testing used for CI/CD.  We look at ways in which your teams can start to run dojos up-skill their testing practices, as well as discuss the challenges presented by legacy architecture and testability quality factor.

Ken is a technical lead with ThoughtWorks, working on microservices and architecture for testability in Node.js and .NET ecosystems.  His background in banking and computational finance.

A Whirlwind Tour of SEO - Joss Paling (@joshuapaling)

We'll imagine how we might build a search engine if we were starting from scratch, way back in the 90s. In doing so, we'll learn the basics of how SEO works, and how to spot terrible SEO advice when you come across it.

Joss is a developer and partner at BBL Digital, a boutique agency in Sydney. He writes Ruby/Rails, Javascript, and when he can't avoid it, PHP.

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