Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 29 - C# GraphQL and Android Kotlin

Wow talks up already for March! Unbelievable :-)

Introduction to GraphQL for C# Developers - Gareth Stokes

This talk is aimed to give the audience a brief introduction into GraphQL, Specifically what problems it's trying to solve and a quick dive into how it came about. The talk will also go into detail about the experience we had at Karbon in implementing this using the current open source libraries available.

Gareth is the Technical Lead for the Sydney team at which is a startup building collaboration software for accountants based out of SF and here in Sydney. We use a DotNet stack for our backend, EmberJS on the frontend and lots of REST in between.

Android development for C# developers with Kotlin - Mitchell Tilbrook

Getting into Android development has typically meant using Java6 when writing fully native applications. So, what else is there for native Android, Kotlin. Kotlin is an modern statically typed language that looks and feel a bit like C# but instead of targeting the CLR Kotlin compiles to JRE 6 byte-code. Kotlin is perfect for any C# developer looking to get into android development while keeping lot of features where come to expect in C# like lambdas, extension functions, partial objects, properties, and more.

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