Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 25th - A Triple Treat to Close Out the Year

This will be the last Alt.Net meeting for the year unless you want to meet on Dec 30th. No? You don't want to? OK then.

In that case, to wrap up the year and take us into the silly season we're going to have three talks as follows:

Docking, varnishing, and fiddling - Jason Stangroome (@jstangroome)

Jason will explain what Docker is, what it enables and how it's relevant to the Microsoft platform. He'll also demonstrate an open-source project he's recently built and released which leverages the power of Docker.

Removing the need to stab people over estimation - Luke Drumm (@lzcd)

Join Luke as he outlines his personal preferences for how teams can survive the treacherous waters of estimation and planning.
Be amazed as Luke describes how even a cynical, angry developer such as himself can survive such processes without resorting to career limiting bouts of gurning, screaming or violence.
Come for unnerving imagery. Stay for the blissful inner peace.

What just happened?! - Richard Banks (@rbanks54)

In case you missed it, Microsoft made a range of announcements at this month's Connect() conference. Chief amongst these being the open sourcing of the .NET framework, and the non-knobbled Visual Studio 2013 Community edition.
Richard will give you a run through of these and other recent announcements and open a discussion about what they mean for you, for the .NET community and the future of software development in general.

So with all that content, all that shiny, and all that silly, why wouldn't you come along? Get yourself a free ticket (only if you're genuinely intending to come), and we'll see you next week!