Monday, November 12, 2012

Nov 27 - Security and Responsive Layouts

It's our last meeting for the year, so make sure you come out for it.  This should be good!

We have two talks as follows:

Breaking the Interwebs - Troy Hunt

Building the next generation of web apps is great, but you know what’s really interesting? Breaking them! In a nice way of course, which is entirely different to the very unfriendly ways we see web apps being broken at what seems to be unprecedented frequency these days. But it’s no wonder when you look at how these exploits are happening and that’s what I’d like to show you. In fact I’d like to show you not just how well publicised exploits have taken place, but some of the massive vulnerabilities and simple exploits that are yet to really hit the news. This will be a pretty candid look at direct risks and exploit techniques that you take home and apply right away (in a nice way, of course!)

Responsive Layout with HTML5 - James Crisp

Want to build a web application which dynamically changes layout to best suit the client, be it mobile, tablet or desktop with the same HTML? Fun times with HTML5, Bootstrap, HAML and Sass. You'll get to see it in action, and the code behind the magic.

Soft skills for technical leaders 

Due to work related travel, Richard's had to pull out this month.  Look for this talk to happen early in the new year.


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We'll see you there!