Friday, November 15, 2013

November 26th - Google Glass and Neo4j Graph Database

To wrap the year up, we've got two talks for you. Both should be really interesting.

Developing for Wearables (Google Glass) - Lewis Benge

The emergence of wearable devices is accelerating rapidly in the majority of first world economies. Born out of our passion for mobile devices, we are now placing more technology on our person than ever before. So how do we as developers tackle this technological evolutions? This session will look at how things have progressed from fitness and health, to smart watches, through to Google Glass – and as a .NET developer how we can take advantage of this emerging trend… And yes you get to try out Google Glass.

A talk on Neo4j - NeoTechnology

One of the NeoTechnology team members will be in town to give us a run through of Neo4j and answer all your questions, so if you've ever wanted to get to grips with graph databases and the problems they can help you solve you should come along.

Personally I love graph databases and I'm itching to see how Glass works in real life so I'm excited by both talks.

RSVP using, and yes, that's a typo in the EventBrite link. #sigh