Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 26th - Powershell on *nix and Dialling Lambdas up to 11!

For your delectation and delight this month, we are gifting you with the following two topics. Time to get excited! :-)

Dialling C#'s Lambdas Up to 11 with Functify - Philip Laureano (@philiplaureano)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could, say, overload the semicolon operator in C#? What if I told you that there was a way to extend C#'s lambdas so that they behave as if you overloaded the semicolon operator, and made it behave more like F#? Functify allows you to do some very useful things in C# with reflection and lambdas that would be impossible to with just C#'s lambdas alone.

If you're a hardcore C# dev, or just want to get your feet wet with using C# as a functional language, then this might just be the session for you!

Moving to *nix but not without my PowerShell - Jason Stangroome (@jstangroome)

Powershell kicks bash/csh/ksh and all the other *nix shells floating around out there, but when you move from Windows to *nix, Powershell can't make that journey with you. This will be a look at the challenges of trying to get PowerShell running on Ubuntu, what I learnt about how the Microsoft platform does development better in some ways, and what ideas and tools Microsoft development could adopt from the other side.

Last minute addition - Azure's DocumentDB

Assuming we have time, Richard Banks will be doing a semi-blind run through of the new Azure DocumentDB offering to see how it works. This will likely be a shared learning session where we try some things together. It should be fun :-)

As usual, get your act together, grab yourself a ticket, and then tell your friends, colleagues and even random strangers on public transport that you're going and they should too! We'll see you there on the night.