Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 28 - Satisfaction, Mobile & Edgey Web

This month, we've got three pertinent and interesting short talks planned. Fun with constraints, maths, mobile and Microsoft! Don't forget to get your free tickets to RSVP!

Christmas in July - Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Pat Macpherson, developer at Ansarada

Christmas is a time for joy, good-will and over-engineering. For far
too long, yuletide present-givers have struggled with non-optimal
Secret Santa drawings.

I will show you how to use a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP)
solver to avoid that fate.

Xamarin CI / CD
Abdelmawla MohamedReadify Senior Developer

TeamCity, Fake, and HockeyApp, we will learn together how to connect those lego parts, to deliver continuous integration and continuous delivery for Xamarin apps

The Edge of the web
Aaron Powell (@slace), Readify Lead Consultant 

Windows 10 is upon us and with it comes MS Edge, the new flagship browser from Microsoft. What does this new browser bring to us as web developers? Are we seeing yet another browser to cross-test on? What makes Edge different to Internet Explorer? Why aren’t we just using Chrome?