Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 28th - Alt.Net gets Func-y

For something a little different this month we're going to get our Func on, and have two talks on F# to help answer your "What the F#?!" questions as well as showing you how you can use F# in your normal day to day development.

Intro To F# - Jorge Fioranelli (@jorgefioranelli)

Jorge co-organises the Sydney F# User Group, and the title really tells you all you need to know about this talk :-) And if you're someone who played with F# a few years ago, you'll still want to see this talk since the language and it's usage has grown a lot over the last few years and continues to do so.

F# Type Providers - Hadi Eskandari (@hadi_es)

Want to learn how to work with diverse information sources on the internet and modern enterprise environments? Type providers exist for JSON, XML, SQL, CSV, Twitter, WSDL, Excel, R, Regex, RSS and many, many more. While all of these won't be covered in the talk, once you understand how they work it is easy to start using others and creating your own.

Grab a ticket to let us know you're coming. We're looking forward to seeing you on the 28th!