Monday, March 19, 2012

27 March - High-scale web performance & Devops

Two fun talks this month, hard-core web performance and continuous deployment.

Making fast websites - a deep dive into high scale web performance
Sam Saffron of StackOverflow (@samsaffron)

Sam strides boldly into the murky waters of performance, and reveals essential steps to improve your own sites, armed with tools such as MiniProfiler, HAProxy logging and analysis using Data Explorer and even a bit of Dapper!

Powershell - last mile deployment scripts
Nick Drew of ThoughtWorks (@nick_s_drew)

What happens when you take an occasional .net dev with some Linux experience, combine him with a popular australian online portal using ad-hoc processes, and ask 'what does continuous deployment look like?'.

We'll have a look at some of the slightly fantastical features of powershell that make it useful for deployment and orchestration, and how that should scare old hand unix admins and .net die hards alike!