Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nov 24 - Continuous Delivery + SEO

So.. sorry for the late blog post, but I think you'll forgive us as we've managed to find 2 interesting and diverse topics for this month.

Testing Practices for Continuous Delivery - Ken McCormack (@kenmccormack)

Testing practices for Continuous Delivery pipelines - we discuss the start point of the Cohn Test Pyramid, and then discuss the additional types of automated testing used for CI/CD.  We look at ways in which your teams can start to run dojos up-skill their testing practices, as well as discuss the challenges presented by legacy architecture and testability quality factor.

Ken is a technical lead with ThoughtWorks, working on microservices and architecture for testability in Node.js and .NET ecosystems.  His background in banking and computational finance.

A Whirlwind Tour of SEO - Joss Paling (@joshuapaling)

We'll imagine how we might build a search engine if we were starting from scratch, way back in the 90s. In doing so, we'll learn the basics of how SEO works, and how to spot terrible SEO advice when you come across it.

Joss is a developer and partner at BBL Digital, a boutique agency in Sydney. He writes Ruby/Rails, Javascript, and when he can't avoid it, PHP.

RSVP via Eventbrite for pizza and beverage!

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