Friday, January 17, 2014

Jan 28 - ElasticSearch and Real Neo!

To kick off in 2014, we have found you two tasty talks on interesting new tech. Both talks will be on how these tools work in real life - no shiny demoware here!

Elasticsearch for .NET - Adam Korczynski

The success of online businesses often hinges on the ability to find what a user is looking for (or didn’t know they were looking for) but search services are often an afterthought.

Elasticsearch uses the popular search engine Lucene and drops an enticing dollop of distributed goodness on top, but all things come at a cost. Adam will share his experience implementing Elasticsearch in a .NET world.

Moving to the graph - Nat Young

At GetUp, we are exploring Neo4j as an alternative model to replace complex SQL queries and sharding. We will take a look at the resulting difference in performance and usability under the polyglot persistence model.

We'll cover designing a graph model, tuning the model, importing options for gigabytes of relational data and real queries with cypher rather than SQL.

As usual, please RSVP for catering.

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