Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Meeting

Due to travel commitments Richard has been a bit behind on getting the word out about this month's talks.

Never fear though for we have the following talks this month for you:

Developer Productivity with CodeRush by Justin King (@zerohash)

This talk is a nonstop demo fest of all  the great (well as many as we can cover) features of DevExpresses best tool CodeRush and Refactor Pro. Most developers I meet use Resharper (R#) however I've used CodeRush for over 7 years. It's been around a lot longer and every major release has added some kick ass features. Here are some of the great features will cover on top of the refactoring and coding assistance - Debug Visualiser, Code De-duplication, Code Metrics, Unit Test Runners and Code Analysis. Get your game on and get productive!

Angular JS by James Sadler (@freshtonic)

[no blurb - expect a general introduction, followed by some examples in code and then a section on testing and dependency injection]

RSVP via the site as per usual, and if you could help us out be spreading the word before Tuesday that would be great!!

See you there.

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