Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 2013 - Scripting and Glimpsing

This month we have a double act for your entertainment, and maybe even for you education and enlightenment, though the promoters accept no responsibility for this actually occurring :-)

RSVP via the poll on the web site, tell your friends and colleagues to come along, spam Twitter and Facebook about it and don't forget to get your best Hawaiian shirt ready for the night. We'll see you next week!

Oh yeah, here's the talks you'll have coming your way:

Glimpse - Aaron Powell (@slace)

Diagnostics aren’t the sexiest of topics to cover but at some point in every project they become invaluable. This is when it’s Glimpse to the rescue. Come learn what you can do if you want to have a glimpse under the hood at your ASP.Net application.

Scripting for evil and profit - Luke Drumm (@lzcd)

Adding scripting support to your windows / web / phone application is (almost) always a winning tactic.
Not a believer? Join Luke as he gesticulates wildly on the subject, citing extremely convincing hearsay and rumor, displaying a wide selection of vaguely inappropriate examples (with matching hand gestures) and generally being disgustingly optimistic about the whole subject.
Learn how the addition of scripting support to your applications can lead to happier users, developers, puppies and businesses.
Be amazed at how passionate you too can be about adding scripting support to *everything* upon seeing this presentation.
(Disclaimer: May require additional caffeine and sugar to attain scripting passion. May not be legal in all states).

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