Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Meeting - Early Heads Up

This month it looks like we're going to have a guest speaker for our November meeting.

Dave Thomas is in Australia for a few days and has offered to speak to some of the Sydney user groups.  It also looks like we'll be having a combined meeting with the Sydney Scrum group and the SyXPAC XP group which should make for a really interesting and fun night.

For those who don't know, Dave is the founder of Bedarra Research Labs, a company specializing in emerging software technologies, practices and applications.  Dave himself was a founding director of the agile alliance, is a recognised thought leader and an engaging international speaker and has been involved with development of the Eclipse IDE, the IBM virtual machine and Smalltalk.

Dave has a few talks planned for the night:

Hey! You! Get On To My Cloud - Application Development in the Clouds

In this talk Dave will discuss the issues, technologies/tools and practices for cloud developers including Serious JavaScript, Dynamic Languages, Functional Programming – Map Reduce, LINQ and Erlang, Restful Services (URI, MIME, Stateless, JSON), Schema-less Databases.

Managing Lean and Agile In The Large Software Development -Best Practices for Large Scale Development

Agile Development per se doesn’t speak to large scale development involving many teams, geographically distributed working on complex products or applications where there are hard deliverables 12 – 18 months out. Dave will describe the practices beyond those used in Scrum and XP to articulate requirements, architecture, estimation and planning, team organization and management in challenges of large scale development.


Please note that details are still being firmed up but I wanted to let you know what's going on ahead of time.  I'll post again once we have details finalised.

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