Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mar 31 - Lovin' us Some More Web Dev

UPDATE: Aaron's recording from tonight's talk is now available. Enjoy!

They say that in the land of the completely disorganised, the only-slightly-inept man is king.  I'm no king, so sorry for the late notice. It's been one of those months.

Anyway, excuses aside, we're giving you two talks that'll you help keep your web development love flowing, metaphorically of course. Here they are:

Rapid API Prototyping - Bishoy Demian

We live in a fast moving industry, where software development projects are expected to be agile and fast-paced in order to receive our client’s feedback as early as possible.
I have discovered a way to decouple the contract from the implementation of the API layer, allowing you to define and document your API in simple and readable format, and later run a mock server off that documentation to have a faster UI/UX delivery, while that API layer is yet to be implemented.
I’m very excited to show you the new open-source tool I have written in C# to help solve the problem.

The future of JavaScript, Yesterday! - Aaron Powell

All the things you need to know about the future of JavaScript that you should have started using in your projects yesterday.

Grab yourself a free ticket so we know you're coming and invite someone else along to share in our usual relaxed fare of fun, learning and heckling that we put on for you each month.  Tickets are hiding behind this link. Go on. Click it already!

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