Monday, April 12, 2010

April – It’s DDD Time

This month we’ll have Jak Charlton (@JakCharlton) of, the JetBrains academy fame doing an informal, interactive DDD talk.

Plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and get a better grasp on how this DDD stuff might apply for you.

Here’s the basic outline of the session:


Practical Domain Driven Design, Message Based Architectures and CQRS

The original book on Domain Driven Design was subtitled "Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software", and even where a system does not merit "full on" DDD, many of the practices and principles can massively reduce the complexity of software, especially when combined with messaging and events.

This informal talk and Q&A will cover concepts including the Ubiquitous Language, Domain Experts, Aggregate Roots, and touch on more esoteric ideas including Message Based Architecture and Command Query Responsibility Separation

Here’s Jak’s bio for those who are interested:



Jak Charlton, is now based in Sydney, Australia, and working as a Senior Consultant for Readify ( Jak is a well known community figure in the Microsoft and .NET worlds with a reputation for a passionate view of development.

With primary interests around Domain Driven Design, software architecture, and putting the world to rights one debate at a time, he is a strong believer in principles and practices, allowing developers to concentrate on delivering business value.


If you’re coming, let us know via the poll on the right hand side of the site and don’t forget to invite your friends.

We’ll have some JetBrains and TekPub giveaways for those who are there on the night. All the more reason for you to come along!

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