Friday, December 4, 2009

January Meeting - iPhone and MonoTouch

The first meeting in the new year will be on 19 January (not 26th as this is Australia day). As well as the usual news segment, and pizza, Ali Shafai will be giving us a taste of iPhone development, comparing both Objective C and MonoTouch.

In his own words:
In this session I'm planning to write a simple enough application in Objective-C and explain the structure of an iPhone application. Then we'll write the same application in C# using MonoTouch and we can compare the code and see the differences. I will assume you don't have any Objective-C knowledge, however being familiar with the C syntax is crucial. I will compare the Apple "recommended" pattern (observe the lack of "S" in front of pattern) to develop Objective-C applications to what we have in .Net land. I will at the end come to a conclusion why and when I would choose which tool. This is a real "Alt".Net session!

Also, here's Ali's bio:
Ali Shafai started programming a few months before he could touch a computer, during this time, he was the programmer, the program and the computer. Then he got his hands to real computers and learned COBOL, PL/I, BASIC, C, Prolog, X86 Assembly, C++, Object Pascal, C#, Python and Objective-C in that exact order. He can still remember the first program he wrote and the joy he felt writing it.
He moved to Sydney in 2001, was introduced to XP, TDD, CI and some other acronyms. In 2004 the company he was working for (EDI) won the 2004 Consensus Software Award and Microsoft Realising Potential Award, he then joined forces with Chris Anderson and Mark Wallis and formed PeerPlacements, a software talent management company. He is still enjoying programming and does freelance software development. His latest joy is Silverlight/Prism/Unity + iPhone/ObjC/MonoTouch.

As usual, please RSVP using the poll on the right to help with catering. I'll be sending out a reminder closer to date too to the Facebook group.

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and see you in the new year!

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