Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb 09, Lightning Talks Wrap Up

Last night we ran a series of lightning talks for our regular Alt.Net get together and what a great night it turned out to be.

Lots of fun, lots of interesting topics, lots of passion in the room for the things being spoken about and an amusing sense of panic by presenters trying to stay within the 10 minutes :-)

Many thanks to the presenters who put in the time and effort to get something together on their topic of choice and to cover it in as much depth as possible with the time given them. So kudos to Justin King, Omar Besiso, Paul Theriault, Anthony Egerton, Mark Wallis and Miguel Madero! Well done!

As a follow up, the evening went so well that people have expressed a desired to see more evenings like this.  So, how often do you want to do them?  Answer the poll on the site and let us know.

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  1. Yep, thanks to all the speakers, I really liked the format. We had a night of 5 min lightnings in the ruby group which was great, but def a little short. I think 10's the sweet spot.

    It's great being able to skip the intros and get straight into the meat of a presentation ;)