Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Call for Topics – February Lightning Talks

For something a little different this month we’re going to do a number of lightning talks.

Talks should be about 5-10 minutes in length and can be on any subject of your choosing, with the proviso that it’s .NET related. That means no speed-knitting or how-to-make-money-using-pyramid-schemes talks :-)

Ping me with your talk proposal (msn.com@rbanks54 or http://twitter.com/rbanks54) and I’ll let you know soon if you’re presenting or not.  It’ll just depend on the number of people wanting to talk and if we there is subject overlap or not.

I’d really like to give the first opportunities to people who haven’t presented before but would like to try.  Something short is a great opportunity to get a feel for what presenting is all about and see if it’s something you might enjoy.  Oh, don’t worry about stuffing up – it’s only 5-10 minutes, and you’re amongst friends!

If you want some subject ideas, how about one of the following:

  • Template engines
  • IoC mini-smackdown: Castle vs Spring vs StructureMap vs Unity
  • JQuery changes in 1.3
  • Iron Python
  • Watin
  • Logging frameworks (nlog, log4net, etc)
  • Alternate IDE’s (e.g. SharpDevelop)
  • psake and rake
  • one of the SOLID principles
  • F#
  • Something new in VS2010/.NET 4.0
  • xDD in a nutshell. (DDD, TDD, BDD, FDD, …)
  • XNA
  • Show off your pet project and some of the lessons learnt during it.

Of course, you can do anything else beyond that as well.  I’m just trying to seed some ideas here.

P.S. For those that talked to me directly after the meeting, my goldfish memory kicked in and I forgot what your subjects were.  You’ll need to let me know as well.

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