Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 24 - BIG data

Big data is all the rage.. there's a lot of competing options which cover off different areas of the space; from AWS Redshift at the SQL end, to Mongo to Hadoop and Lucene at the other. So.. you guessed it! This month is BIG DATA theme night. We'll have talks on the technology and real world implementation & code.

Add a Billion Row Data Warehouse to your App.. with Redshift, sql and duct tape!

Started to hit the point where your transactional database is not the right place for running reporting queries and experimental data science? Keen to chuck in more data from web logs, CRMs, facebook, etc so you can start learning more about your users? James Crisp (@jtcrisp) will show you an easy way to do it with AWS Redshift, mapping SQL and some simple scripting duct tape.

The Power of the Elephant in the Microsoft Cloud

Jibin Johnson and Simon Waight from the Azure User Group and Kloud Solutions will walk us through the cloud-based Big Data pipeline from Microsoft looking at how Azure’s HDInsights and Office 365 Power BI can deliver insights out of raw data.

Jibin Johnson is a cloud development consultant who has worked on some the largest on-premise and cloud-based solutions in Australia. Simon Waight (@simonwaight) is a cloud architect with almost 20 years’ experience in delivering online services for a range market verticals.

Remember to RSVP too please to help us get the right amount of food and beer!

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