Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 29th - MVVM Cross and Advanced Async with Boiling Eggs

This month's talks come to you from topics suggested by people at last month's meeting. I love it! And just like these topics, we'd love you you to suggest your own too, either in person or using the UserVoice site. What's stopping you? :-)

On to this month's potential awesomeness:

MVVM Cross - Michael Ridland (@rid00z)

It's clear that the future of applications is multi device and multi platform. Not only are users demanding high quality applications,  they also want them to look and behave like their other native applications. Visual Studio and Xamarin allow developers to easily create native apps for Windows Phone/8/Store, iOS and Android in c#. Now thanks MvvmCross developers can easily have the code nicely separated and shared between all platforms using the Mvvm design pattern. 

Michael will be giving a introduction to MvvmCross and talk about some things he's learnt in 2 years of building mobile apps.

Advanced Async and Egg Boiling - Filip Ekberg (@fekberg)

This is an in depth async talk by Filip, covering some of the problems and fun you can have with it. As for the title? Well, that comes from this short explanation of the difference between parallel and async: "If you boil eggs, you have multiple eggs boiling at the same time, they're boiling in parallel to each other. While the eggs are boiling you stroll around the kitchen and clean up, you're doing this asynchronously to the egg boiling because as soon as the egg timer goes off you're going back to the boiling process to get the eggs off the stove." Let's get cooking!

UPDATE: Filip posted a recording of his talk on his blog -

This will be a fun meet up so don't forget to RSVP by getting a free ticket, tell your friends about it and then turn up on the night :-) We're looking forward to seeing you there!


  1. I think Jeff mentioned a Jabber channel for MvvmCross, what is it?

  2. Jabbr is a set of chat rooms running over SignalR. Head over to and when you log in you'll see a list of channels. One of those with be the MvvmCross one. Connect to that and chat away :-)

  3. I have just discovered your blog which is a shame as it means I have missed out on the last talk. But it seems you have something interesting to discuss every month so I’ll make sure I come along to the next one and looking forward to meeting you all there next month.