Monday, November 21, 2011

November Meeting: 3 Pack

For November, we have 3 interesting short talks:

John Bristowe (@JohnBristowe) - The Life and Times of a Developer Evangelist
The role of a Developer Evangelist is certainly an interesting one. From the vantage point of where John Bristowe has sat for the past number of years, he’s seen a lot – having worked as a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft for the past six years and now with Telerik APAC. In this session, John will share with you some of his more memorable experiences over the past decade and provide insights into the state of the tech industry today as it pertains to software development.

Joshua Roth - How To Write Less Comments
Uncle Bob Martin's book Clean Code opened my eyes to the beauty and importance writing of clean code. The good news is that writing clean code is much easier than you might think. I'll be sharing a few a simple techniques that you can easily apply to your daily coding that will help turn your code into a thing of beauty. At the very least, future maintainers of your code will curse your name a few less times due to your contributions to the code base.

Aaron Powell (@slace) - Lightweight Editors
VS is our standard editor but when you're not using .NET what should you go for? Or how about the crazy idea of ditching VS for .NET dev too

This will be the last meeting for the year, so you don't want to miss it :-)

And as always, please RSVP via the poll on the site.

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