Thursday, October 14, 2010

October – Homebrew Development for the iPhone and WP 7

So you want to have a bit of fun and write apps for mobile phones. Make a million dollars.  Retire to a beach on a tropical island and have drinks with little umbrellas in them.  For a while now the iPhone has been the obvious choice but a .Net developer maybe getting into Objective-C has always seemed a little too much effort?

Well, maybe it's not so hard. Craig Dunn is going to run us through application development for the iPhone using MonoTouch, and he should know something about it since he helped write the book! He’ll also likely have a few copies as giveaways on the night as well.

And then there’s the new and shiny Windows Phone 7 which is almost here and being talked up heavily at the moment.  For us .NET developers it makes an obvious choice as a target platform but is it worth bothering with?  What do we need for development on that platform? How do we get apps into the app store? How do we make sexeh gamez for it? And so on. For the answers to that we’ll have Luke Drumm.

This should make for an interesting night and might just get those creative juices flowing so you can go write apps to generate a little extra cash in the pocket, which you can then use to buy other gadgets to play with :-)  What more could you want?!

RSVP if you’re coming (as per usual), bring your friends and we’ll see you on the night!


  1. Hello,

    I found this on Google - I am a Silverlight C# developer and am working on a WP7 - I would like to attend as it sounds very interesting - is it too late?


  2. Not too late at all. See you tomorrow night.