Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Lightning Talks – Subjects

I mentioned a little while back that this month we’re doing another round of lightning talks.  Well, I’m glad to say that we now have a list of volunteers ready to bedazzle us with their rapid presentations of 10 minutes or less, packed with dollops of content, a dash of humour and maybe even just a sprinkle of awesomeness!

Come along this month for the fun! You won’t want to miss out!

Here’s the session list:

Damian Maclennan (@damianm): Making ASP.NET MVC web apps simple using Fluent NHibernate and StructureMap.  Maybe a little PSake thrown in for good measure.

Angus McDonald (@Falkayn) or Neil Hougton (@nizmow): DDD-inspired architecture in the real world.

Josh Roth: Experiences dealing with a tightly coupled code base.

Dave Newman (@whatupdave):  One of the following:

  1. Package management with horn
  2. Writing maintainable javascript with jQuery plugins
  3. Integration test coding patters with Watin
  4. Getting started with Rake

James Crisp: Securing your ASP.NET MVC site against code injection and x-site scripting

Omar Besiso (@omarbesiso) : Sync your data across the world in 10 minutes. A Sync Framework showdown

Let us know you’re coming by responding to the poll on the site.


  1. 2 days of downloading and trying out mvc with nhibernate/fluent/structuremap .... all had issues i was up and running with Damian's approach. Thanks.