Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Alt.Net Meeting

A quick reminder that this month’s meeting is on this Tuesday, April 28th.

We’re having two presentations this month

Presentation 1

Do you arrive home after a long day at work to endless requests by family and friends to use the latest application you've been writing? Do local teens make regular visits to your house asking they can have another go of your application? When your colleagues at work finish for the day, do most of them stay on a little longer to use your application just because they enjoy using it so much?

Not so much? Well come and have a chat to Luke as he discusses some of the ways to make applications that people actually want to use.

In-between dodging imaginary attacks, making 'pow pow' noises and singing "We are the champions" throughout the office whilst 'playing' Visual Studio, Luke Drumm, has been known to speak Tech Ed, Code Camp, user groups and Microsoft with only a minimal loss of life, three bottles of 'mana' juice and the passing respect of at least one small child who once saw him almost complete the first level of Tetris.

Presentation 2

Introducing MEF. From concepts to examples.

Sergey will cover the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) a future extension of BCL, explaining high level concepts, and providing examples and possible usage scenarios.

Sergey Klementiev is a follower of CSDD or Common Sense Driven Development ;)

Help us out by RSVP-ing via the blog (add a comment) or Facebook so we can get the catering right. See you there!

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