Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And We're Away!!

Wow!  What a great turnout tonight for the Sydney ALT.NET group!  We had around 35 in attendance and lots of interaction during the presentations which was fantastic, plus a few of the guys were live tweeting during the night.

In fact, we had so many discussions and conversations during the sessions that we ran a fair bit over time.  It was probably the only downside to the evening and I sincerely apologise for it and for the rush job in the rhino mocks session.  I'm very conscious that people take private time out for these nights so I don't like running over.  That said we did learn a lot about the group and the dynamics tonight so I'm sure we'll improve next time around.


Here's the links for the items mentioned during the news section.

  • ALT.NET Mailing List - Link
  • ALT.NET Wiki - Link
  • VSTS Database Edition now available for MSDN Subscription/Software Assurance customers - Link
  • JQuery to be included in ASP.NET MVC & Visual Studio - Link
  • DevSta Competition - Link
  • Clone Detective - Link (screen shot)
  • VS Snippet Designer - Link
  • Cobra programming language - Link
  • Cosmos OS - Open Source C# OS project - Link

If you find out about anything interesting this month, remember to bring it up during at news time during the next meeting.

Twitter Hashtag

For the twitter users out there, the official hashtag is now #altnetsyd.  You can follow this on twitter using this link and subscribe to an RSS feed from there if you wish.

What's Next?

We had a retrospective for the evening to see what went well or not so well, and to get some suggestions going forward.  Here's what came up, in order of popularity:

  • NHibernate
  • Dev practices - SOLID
  • Castle Windsor
  • Open spaces meeting
  • Lightning talks session
  • OSS alternatives to TFS
  • TDD
  • F#
  • WPF
  • Agile & Scrum session
  • RESTful architecture

So we'll be having a presentation on NHibernate at the next meeting, and maybe one other subject.  Given the discussion levels we had tonight, I'm wondering if trying to get through 2 sessions in a night is asking too much? What do you think?

Looking forward to next month now!

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  1. I think 2 sessions a night is good (although the odd "deep-dive" might be good too I guess).

    Maybe a bit less time on introduction/news stuff, and a bit less time for dinner provided the ThoughtWorks folks are happy for us to take beer and food into the meeting room while the second session gets started?